The IHK Nord

Since 1955 the Association of North German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK Nord) is the central organisation in the network of 12 Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the federal states of Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein. The IHK Nord represents the interests of the northern economy at regional, federal and EU level to other economic associations, administration, media and public. At this chamber-network interests of more than 700.000 north german companies are summed up to speak with one voice. The Northern German economy represents a share of 18 percent of Germany´s Gross domestic product – just the economic size of Portugal and Ireland togehter. By working very close together on positions and activities to formulate interests of businesses on topical issues such as energy, maritime, tourism, food economy, industry or foreign trade policy the IHK Nord supports the whole northern economic area to protect and develop it’s national and international competitiveness and the high quality leveled region. The digital transformation of Northern Germany´s Economy is one of our main targets, which we adress in close cooperation with our members. Hereby we focus mainly on five key sectors for the development of Northern Germany:

North Germany is the center of the national maritime economy – economically, geographically and historically. The IHK Nord points up the huge importance of the German seaports and maritime industry for Germany as a leading exporting country in particular and the need for infrastructure maintenance and -expansion due to the predicted freight and traffic volume.

Wind power makes a large contribution to the energy supply of the consumption regions in the south of the republic. The IHK Nord has to promote the expansion and modification of the networks, the complete integration of renewable  energies into the market, the economic viability of flexible conventional power plants and the adjustment of electricity demand for an attractive industrial location.

The food industry is of particular importance in the north of Germany. Regional-oriented SMEs, and well-known corporations are located here. The production, processing and refining of agricultural products have traditionally a high priority in the north. Cross-country awareness - especially in politics - for the performance of the North German food industry is a future task for which the IHK Nord is setting itself.

In order to promote the tourism industry, IHK Nord is working on two fields: Standing up for an excellent framework for the industry, e.g. in the areas of professional security, quality development and the promotion of SMEs. The cyclical development of the industry is also regularly evaluated.

The wholesale and foreign trade of North Germany is huge: 20,000 companies employ about 210,000 people. That branch has a turnover of 281 billion euros a year. With its numerous and specialized ports, foreign trade and logistics competencies, North Germany is internationally intertwined: more than two thirds of seaward German foreign trade are transacted through German seaports.
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